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Day Nineteen: A Village Church

β€œThe Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand ―

Aside from events such as Christingle and Christenings, I had never really found the urge to go inside the local village church before. But today I decided that it would form part of the 365 Photography challenge – it was after all something very different to the usual sunsets and landscapes.

I first started photographing inside Churches when I embarked on being the professional photographer for a Church Wedding last year. However the building was modern with excellent lighting, and it didn’t really prove a challenge. This village church however is very different.

The location is actually just on the edge of the meadow that adjoins that which my parents own. There is a small tidy lake nearby and before I began the Church Photography I found some geese first – hence the first image! I then went on into the Church which felt very strange. Almost like being in a museum really, nobody was around and the doors were open – so in I went!

It is oddly calming being inside such a solid building. The architecture is beautiful and due to the location in the middle of nowhere, it was completely quiet. I found my camera clicking and whirring to be quite intrusive really! Overall though, it was worth it for some ‘different’ Photography.

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