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Day Twenty Eight: The Garden

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero ―

Much of the UK is under a light dusting at least, of snow, with more forecast on the way and so it seemed fitting to venture outside in temperatures of what feels to be around -3 celcius and take some snaps! There is a wintery blue tinge outside, the air feels like Christmas and the temperature certainly goes some way to helping that mood too.

This time last year we were about to be dumped on with a pile of snow and it looks like that will happen again. Having had none of the white flurries this winter we are expecting to at least get a taster soon.

The shoulder is still giving me some trouble, it was really very painful this morning and coupled up with the mouse in the attic keeping me awake occasionally in the night  – I feel quite tired! So I decided to stay close to home again for todays photos and hit the garden. Never photographing the same thing twice though!

I didn’t quite find these in the garden though. My parents managed to arrive home just in time for me to snap these that they brought with them. A beautiful arrangement of flowers!

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