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Day Five: Farley Mount

My Image today was going to be of the above – and I was going to base my blog entry on the amazing news that Day Two’s photographs of the storms had made it into the Newspapers along with my name. It is quite inspiring to see, and across two pages as well so I’ve spent the day being really proud of the above! However I then went off to explore a new place out into the countryside and just have to share the pictures that I captured whilst there.

Farley Mount and the rather famous monument on top of the Mount is near to the village of Ashley.

The Country Park is named after the famous monument to a horse, named “Beware Chalk Pit”, which carried its owner to a racing victory in 1734, a year after having fallen into a chalk pit whilst out fox-hunting. The horse is buried beneath the monument and inside the open doorway is a plaque in memory. The views as you walk all around the edge are absolutely breath taking…especially back through the open doorway.

Ashley itself is nestled in the hills and is equally beautiful. Technically it’s known as a village but the population is only around 72…The village is gorgeous with a very very old but beautiful Church (St Marys). I don’t think it’s in use anymore and the village was very quiet with a couple of derelict houses and abandoned land. The Deer running over the hills though, made it a lovely setting.

The few hours spent taking photographs and letting the dogs haveĀ  a run were absolutely fantastic and a wonderful way to spend the end of the week. If you’re in the area I really recommend a wander around Farley – especially with a camera!

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