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“Bring me the sunset in a cup”
― Emily Dickinson―

Today was spent dealing with the aftermath of yesterday. With the Piano gone I spent time pulling apart bookshelves and wardrobes to shuffle everything around to the best possible vantage part. Afterwards my Mother drove me out to photograph the sunset. Mostly because we were popping to The Range to get the vase (pictured later) for my room but also because I damaged my shoulder last night and I can’t drive.

She very kindly drove me up to the farmyard where we have several units for my parents business. We headed right to the top and out the back slightly and there was this….such an amazing colourful view.

Afterwards I put the finishing touches to my room and snapped away again. I envisaged having nothing of interest today due to the shoulder damage, but actually it turned out better than I had expected with the sunset and room renovations.

The chair is awesome – it’s huge, cosy, squashy, comfortable but reliable all at the same time. I also invested in a much needed ipod docking station which cost a tidy sum but has the absolute best sound I’ve ever heard come from one of those things. My ‘Reading corner’ is all set and hopefully will inspire me to study hard over the coming months since my Law degree starts up again in a few days.

Going through everything I own has been  quite revealing of the child I once was. My room has changed dramatically over the years but I think this has been the biggest step into making it something more than just a bedroom. With the amount of time I spend here during my working hours using the computer and making phonecalls it’s finally nice to have the surroundings warm and relaxing too.

Oh and the beautiful green picture (which this shot doesn’t do justice to) was from deviantART. I’ll add the link to the print when I locate it – well worth purchasing! The blue print in the shot below was something I found at The Range a year or so ago. I also found the frame for less than a pound due to damage and lack of glass and renovated it myself. As with the green forest print frame – which was a steal at 50pence – I made the backing border to bring out the colours. Very pleased with the results!

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