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Anyone who knows my photography habits will know that I absolutely love sunsets and (when I can get up for them) sunrises. So when my alarm went off at seven this morning instead of subjecting it to a torrent of abuse and going back to sleep for five minutes I decided to make a conscientious effort to get up and snap the sunrise that was unfurling right outside my window. And I am so glad I did! The moon was absolutely amazing this morning, casting an orangey glow across the sky and it was fully complimented by the rising sun. I hung out of the upstairs window (we live in a bungalow with a conversion upstairs that nobody uses!) and tried my best to steady the camera because tripods and I don’t get on so well. And the above was one of the results.

I like to introduce my blog entries with a panoramic – don’t ask me why! I think it just looks tidier, so I focused on getting a panoramic, and a few random shots of the moon, before turning my attentions to the amazing colours happening in front of me.

And gosh they were amazing. I’ve not witnessed that many sunrises in my life. The sun tends to rise behind the house and also at most times of the year I’m either busy driving to work or busy sleeping when the sun decides to make its way up. I have been fortunate though to capture a huge array of sunsets some of which you can see here from across the years. But this mornings sunrise was absolutely breath-taking. Even from the house window! So without further ado…

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