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Day Twenty Nine: Buddy

β€œThe better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”
― Charles de Gualle ―

I took photos of Buddy today and when I looked back at them and compared to the ones from when he first arrived I was surprised at the little difference between them. It’s amazing how much you think a dog is changing and settling in to a place when really on the outside they look completely the same. In fact though, Buddy is definitely a lot bigger and fatter than when he arrived – something he desperately needed to be being a third of the weight that he should be!

Star, the other black labrador now fondly known as the old lady, is still the more camera friendly of the two. Buddy loves being able to see eyes and a smile, when you point a camera at him he’s not interested in looking at it straight on. Instead he turns his head from side to side, as if modelling all angles and then focuses on something right behind him to avoid direct eye contact with the huge clicking beast.

So the shots of him staring forward are quite rare and a lucky capture! After about five minutes of sitting on the steps aside waiting for me to stop clicking he decided enough was enough and launched himself at me instead. Gotta love dogs!

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