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It seemed appropriate to follow on from yesterdays Sunrise to capture todays Sunset. Since my Thursday was pretty much packed full of interviews, assessments and admin I had little time to pause to breathe let alone think about capturing anything on camera.

On my way home I decided to give my Sat Nav some extra work and diverted off to a hamlet called Bransbury. It’s off of the main dual carriage way into Andover and those who are local will probably recall always seeing the sign and never really thinking it led anywhere.

You are right.

Bransbury is pretty much non-existent. A few potholes, some horses, a couple of MOD warning signs telling me not to pick up anything I find on the floor and that’s it. It’s all over! For the duration of the three miles driving into, through and out of Bransbury, my Sat Nav was instructing me to Perform a U-Turn where possible.

However coming out of the other end of the Hamlet I dropped down in Barton Stacy, a village – civilization in fact! The sky chose that moment to turn some fantastic hues of pink and peach and I snapped away at the Church  nestled in amongst the trees. I have found memories of Barton Stacy. I once lost my exhaust there. After that I headed home, not quite content with the images I had captured I headed up stairs with my proper camera and snapped the sunset as well.

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