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In all the excitement of Wedding Photos, Parties and more I completely forgot to blog about Imber. We rather randomly decided on a road trip not too far away to explore an uninhabited village on Salisbury Plain. For those that don’t know, Salisbury Plain is ‘owned’ by the Ministry of Defence and is where a lot of training, excercises and other secret things happen for the Army.



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Imber had a settlement since 967AD and was evacuated in 1943 with the promise that one day, the villagers would be able to return. Some of them had been living on the settlement for generations of their families lives. None of them were ever allowed back.



Imber is now used as a training site for the Ministry of Defence and is dubbed the village that was evacuated for the ‘Greater Good.’ Villagers were given just forty seven days notice on November 1st 1943 in which they had to pack up their things, relocate their animals and move on. The area was needed as an excercise area for troops preparing for the D-Day landings.

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Today, the Church is still in full working order and the MOD allow the public to regain access to the village only a handful of days each year. Many families of those who are buried in the graveyard are allowed to visit on these occasions only, to pay their respects to their deceased relatives.

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The drive into Imber is a curious one, for a derelict village the roads are in fantastic condition, the Army maintaining them regularly. Signs greet you every few hundred yards, ‘Danger, do not leave the carriageway, unexploded military debris..’ warning you to stay on the narrow road into the village. I have to say though, the most strange thing I found about the whole thing was the barbed wire fence surrounding the church. Odd. You don’t see that very often!

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Day Nineteen: A Village Church

β€œThe Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand ―

Aside from events such as Christingle and Christenings, I had never really found the urge to go inside the local village church before. But today I decided that it would form part of the 365 Photography challenge – it was after all something very different to the usual sunsets and landscapes.

I first started photographing inside Churches when I embarked on being the professional photographer for a Church Wedding last year. However the building was modern with excellent lighting, and it didn’t really prove a challenge. This village church however is very different.

The location is actually just on the edge of the meadow that adjoins that which my parents own. There is a small tidy lake nearby and before I began the Church Photography I found some geese first – hence the first image! I then went on into the Church which felt very strange. Almost like being in a museum really, nobody was around and the doors were open – so in I went!

It is oddly calming being inside such a solid building. The architecture is beautiful and due to the location in the middle of nowhere, it was completely quiet. I found my camera clicking and whirring to be quite intrusive really! Overall though, it was worth it for some ‘different’ Photography.

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