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Day Seventeen and it’s the first day where I’ve managed to shoot nothing of interest! So I took the time whilst sat in traffic jams to capture The Commute. It’s something that millions of people do across the country each day in the morning and evening and I forgot just how busy the motorways are.

And this <- was the sort of weather that greeted the commuters today. Rain, Rain and lots more rain. And an overturned caravan or two along the route.The traffic was horrendous, it was almost as if the days of sunshine and frost had made people forget just what it was like to drive in mist and rain. Blue, white and red lights seemed to be a common theme down the motorways!

After the long day, and arriving home when it was pitch back – I lacked the inspiration to get creative and shoot anything else. Until Buddy (the year old Collie/Lab cross) launched himself onto my bed whilst I was typing this blog entry…


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