Father’s Day

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

– John Wooden

Not only do I have an amazing Dad, I also have an awesome Grandad – and at the beginning of this year we didn’t think we would have another month with him let alone all the way through to Father’s Day. We’ve had some great moments, and we are still having them which makes everything all the more special…


Yesterday I did some experimental photographs, trying to get back into the swing of the whole ‘photography for enjoyment’ situation. I think it paid off a little, and today my watermark had a refresh so I had to test that too…

1fleur 1spidey ladybirdwatermarked

Once again my water spraying techniques were disrupted by Maisy who insisted that she put the nozel in her mouth and took all the spray, she’s a weird one!



Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and the Grandad’s too… !


Summer Days


β€œIt was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”
― Maud Hart Lovelace

This year is going so fast. Is it just me or does everyone else feel it too? I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through it already, but it’s true. Scary. The last post I wrote was about Lands End at the end of May and our trip to Cornwall. A few days after that we jetted off up to the Lake District for another Wedding…

6morn 6


There was barely a moment to spare for any kind of exploring due to the journey taking eight hours or so, but our hotel was right on Lake Windermere so I was able to get a few decent shots – the area is beautiful and such a change from the ‘Flatness’ of the South of England!

3morn 3 1morn

And then of course there was the Wedding…which was Stunning!

1church 1confetti dance

And of course, because we are Wedding Photographers and we weren’t there to Photograph the Wedding (yay!), we enjoyed the Photobooth – had to really!


We had some issues before we went, with Maisy trying to dig her way out of the hallway. She was pretty good too and had lifted a lot of the carpet, chewing it into little pieces at the same time. So we made the executive decision to get ourselves some tiling done, and the results were amazing actually…

IMG_5499 IMG_5495 IMG_5487

I suppose in a way, my iPhone is becoming more and more the camera that I rely on. Not for the official stuff or the adventures and walks, but for everyday bits and pieces. I thought I would mind, but actually I don’t! The garden is blooming and considering this time last year it was this…

2 copy 4 3 copy 5 copy 4 photo copy 2

It now looks like this…

IMG_5555 IMG_5527


A garden, however small, is still a bit of work and we didn’t quite realise we would be so specific about getting the weeds up, trimming the edges and watching everything grow. But it’s amazing, and the runner beans should be ready very soon! We’ve had lazy days, evenings with the Chiminea lit, visits with Grandad who is still in Hospital, shots that have been photobombed by Maisy and of course, the old faithful ‘home’ sunsets that I miss but still grab here and there…

5 3 2




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