January Chills

“You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and…it’s cold.”

It’s cold, it’s frosty – bring on Christmas! It feels like the end of December rather than mid way through the first month of a brand new year. Nevertheless it wasn’t too cold to head out with the cameras this morning and check out one of my favourite places – The Bunny.

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If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, some of these photos might seem familiar. But look closely! The old fishing hut isn’t so  old anymore and has been replaced and rebuilt following last years storms. It still looks so pretty though.

door 5 1snow 3snow

I can feel an afternoon of baking coming on and after a hectic week with a poorly doggy the relaxation is welcome (she’s much better now though!)


It’s after Christmas and so there should be at least one frosty day. At least one opportunity for hats, scarves and gloves and hot chocolates by the far. Instead we’re watching Daffodils bloom, grass grow, trees sprout and animals run around like it’s the middle of Spring.

13 11


It just doesn’t feel right! However it was nice to spend a few hours sitting on the meadow enjoying the fact that the temperature was manageable and the ground warm.




In the North of the country it’s a different story. Yes, the temperature may be good but the water levels are rising and the floods are horrendous. This time two years ago most of the meadow was underwater and yet we’re barely squelching through the grass to get onto it this year.




It’s bizarre. Scary too. The weather around us is changing so much and so quickly. Who knows when we’ll next see snow!

3 4

Photography today has given me the spark to think about what my next photo-project will be. 2016 will feature a few more Weddings, some trips here and there but above all that, an epic holiday to the USA. I’m considering whether the photo-a-day challenge will fit with my life this year or not… watch this space!



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