September Colour

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul… but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.”
― Peggy Toney Horton

September is almost over and my goodness this year has flown. I’ve delved into photography, forgotten photography, came back to it, moaned about it, enjoyed it and finally really got back into the swing of things today with a random photo adventure. It’s time to blog again! I cannot believe that this time last year I was managing a photograph a day – it seems insane and where on earth I found the time for such things is beyond me. But there we go.



Sunshine has been a beautiful factor of this weekend, good food, good company, good music as we saw the Chicago Blues Brothers perform on Saturday and just in general, good memories and good feelings. So it felt even more important to take some ‘good’ photographs as well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that!




One of my most favourite places has changed dramatically this year – some of you may remember the Autumn driveway that I so often photograph. Well the owners have put a slight barrier in my way…


I think it still looks good but…it’s not the same ‘ol driveway that I stumbled across and know and love! A few weeks ago I revisited a place that was another Autumn ‘go to’ until the owners re-built on the site. Here’s a little before and after comparison…

Autumn comparison

It’s amaing how landscapes change, buildings change, driveways change but the old faithful trees remain in situ. I’m thankful for that at least, perhaps in a few more weeks I’ll be able to capture the oranges above again and it won’t look too different. I always loved the quirky curve of the barn roof though (left hand side).


Today I invested in a bumper presets back for Photoshop and Lightroom giving me the ability to play around with tones, film effects, darkroom effects, light leaks and so much more. I’m amazed by the results, I’ll always keep the pure photography in mind but it’s just incredible what can be achieved with a few clicks in an editing program…




Oh and finally finally, the 2016 Calendars have arrived and wow they are selling super fast this year! If you’re interested, the Calendar includes twelve high quality captures from around England taken in the past twelve months (Sept to August pretty much) and they are £12 each which includes UK postage. I can send worldwide too – and for you Americans I can even throw in postage if you pay in the next 2 weeks as they’ll go out to the USA with some family members and be posted from there…. so interested? Let me know! Check out the preview below…

Calendar 2016 Promo

August Meadow


This time last year I was celebrating the change in the weather, the coolness in the air and the Orange tinge that was beginning to creep into the leaves. This time, it’s warm, muggy and the rain still attempts to interfere! But at the weekend we ventured to the meadow when the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was creeping over thirty celcius. Crazy warm.



I cannot believe how much has changed there. Admittedly, since moving I haven’t been able to get to the meadow as much as I used to which makes every trip that little bit more special and I no longer take the peacefulness for granted.



The trees are grown up. They’re huge! The little babies that were planted a few years ago, that I thought would take years to grow to any kind of height, are actually doing amazingly well. This doesn’t bode well for our little tree that we planted in the garden at home, not worrying how big it would get because it would be years….ah well!




The dogs loved it, Maisy would do anything for a drop of water and got up to some straw antics desperate for a drop even though there were two whole lakes to choose from.






Buddy has become more and more adventurous in the water and of course he loves any excuse to have someone to chase around the meadow too, which is where Maisy comes in handy. She has him sussed well though, sit on the edge and let the boys do the work…!








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