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“For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining… is let it rain.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow –

Rainy Days are fantastic – not least because we can reach into our bank accounts and draw out that money we “put away for a rainy day”…In reality if we did that, the British would be much poorer than they already are given that most days around here are fairly rainy! Having said that though, it has been a while since we had constant rain throughout the night and well into the following day. Today was just one of those days where it didn’t seem to want to stop.

Firstly click on this and really get yourself into the vibes of England and the constant rain we’ve had today – Rainy Mood. A fellow Law student shared this in our facebook group the other day and commented that they loved to study to the background of rain sound and I quite agree. This particular Rainy Mood was shared with me sometime ago and ever since I’ve listened to it at least once a week when feeling stormy, tired or any number of different things. It goes well with anything – especially todays photography!

Todays downpour meant wet hair, lots of traffic, puddles in their plenty and wet shoes. Before I even began work this morning I managed to capture my photo of the day. Since shooting the ‘Diamonds’ on the water meadow I’ve been fascinated with the rather fantastic effect of Bokeh. For those who aren’t aware, Bokeh is the appearance or indeed feel of out of focus areas of a shot. It’s pronounced Boh-Kay – like flowers!

Rain is the perfect tool for playing around with Bokeh effects, and whilst I didn’t manage to capture that many this morning, I did gain a natural blur through the combination of cold shaky hands and no tripod!

I think that sometimes it’s nice to be able to see the aesthetic qualities of an unpredicted shot – it’s good to be non-perfect!! Despite the moaning and groaning about the rain I’ve really enjoyed the couple of occasional downpours that we have had this year so far. Mostly because I’ve been inside, in the warm, with a cuppa tea handy.

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