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“I shutter to think how many people are underexposed and lacking depth in this field.”

– Rick Steves

I managed to get a bit more creative today – although the Weather wasn’t that receptive to Creativity! I decided to venture into the garden and take some shots of a beautiful collection of flowers whilst the sun was giving a bit of natural light. I find it very hard to shoot inside, I’m never pleased with the results and I work best with the aid of sunshine or just general natural light.

Lately I’ve really enjoyed working with light and background to enhance purple and blue hues. It worked well with Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend and I’m quite pleased with todays results. After yesterday and my last minute attempts to capture a photo I decided it was time to put a bit more effort in whilst I had a spare thirty minutes!

The flowers were actually part of a huge bunch that my Mother brought a while ago – they looked nice from a distance but the real colour shone when I used a macro lens to get a bit closer. I decided to let technical accuracy go out the window and allowed slight blurs to enhance the abstract feel. Or, basically, I couldn’t be bothered to use a tripod!

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