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Day Twenty Four: For the Love of Chicken

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”
― Charles de Gaulle ―

Today there just wasn’t the time to be overly ambitious and creative with Photography sadly. So I chose what is usually my last resort but has never actually been used yet (apart from for the roast dinner) and photographed my food! I seem to have had great luck lately with the commercial side of Photography so I thought that getting into a few more common ‘things’ might give me a bit more practice before I hit the jackpot and become perfect. (No laughing!)

The carpet cleaner has been in today and gave the house a much needed sponge down. With Buddy being such a newbie with houses he has no consideration for what he drags through and the state of his feet when he starts adventuring across the room. So yes, it was definitely needed. As a result I’ve been flitting about doing lots but in little bursts. I started the day at the office, which even then didn’t provide the photographic opportunity I wanted since there is now some beautiful scaff holding in front of the windows that ordinarily make for some great views to the street. When I say beautiful I am of course exaggerating and there was no chance of getting a decent shot of it!

So I was left with the inevitable – an already grey day getting darker, cold feet because my carpet is wet (but oh so clean and shiny!) and a lack of objects. On the plus side I have got some interesting things in the pipeline to go and photograph over the coming months. But that’s not today!

On with the chicken. Todays dinner consisted of Chicken and noodles. Want the recipe? Here goes…Chicken plus noodles with stir fry vegetables and some soy sauce. Or chilli sauce. Or both for that flavoursome flavourness. Cook the chicken, add the vegetables, coat with sauce et voila – a one bowl + one fork meal all prepared within twenty minutes. Which gave me just enough time to flit around the kitchen and photograph Buddy eying the food longingly and some of our nice soft kitchen lights. My Mother was cooking so she provided the posing…

There you have it – a meal made with plenty of time to relax for the rest of the evening and the photography challenge fulfilled!


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