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Today started with Frost – again – lots of it! It’s becoming a bit of a habit lately. Whilst there are snowdrops and daffodils in full bloom out in the gardens, there is a thick frost each morning to add a good fifteen minutes to any journey! It just doesn’t make sense!

As the world began to thaw I took a few snapshots on my way to various work tasks, and really didn’t stop until the sunset. Literally! It was a fairly busy day with lots of positive results workwise – I just struggled to capture anything worthwhile from start to finish!

The sunset was, as has been the norm lately – absolutely beautiful. I detoured on my way home to a small village called Crawley. It has a beautiful pond – most of the time. But sadly the sun had dipped a bit low to be able to capture anything. I managed to shoot the sunset a couple of times before my battery finally gave up! The cameras have definitely been overworked lately…

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