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Trees. Whilst driving down many roads and across countless miles I never really considered the surrounding foliage as being much of a threat before. But today I found myself eyeing up each Tree and  bush that I passed, suspiciously, wondering if it was going to launch itself into my path. I have never known so many fallen trees and broken limbs to litter the roads around my local Town before. The storm last night and throughout most of this morning has been pretty horrendous in the South of England. I can only imagine how much worse it is in the Northern parts.

So my photo for today was fairly easy as I really only had to step outside the door to capture the effects of the wind and rain. It’s a lot calmer now but we are expecting the same again later today which will be interesting to say the least. I’ve witnessed the contents of my neighbours rubbish bin flying around!

I made a quick trip into town via the watermeadows which coincidentally weren’t that flooded compared to the state of the roads. Something very wrong there, I believe they might well have built the roads on the wrong bit! But further down into the town a very large tree limb was almost blocking the road completely.

The police seemed to be on the ball today because around five minutes after phoning it in they were on the scene and moving it…just a few cms to the left. Oh and they also put a few cones around it too…

Further down the road, lanes branching off to the left were completely blocked by several trees and on a rather precarious corner another limb was causing a lot of disruption. I hope the rest of the country is withstanding the weather!

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