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“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it. – Pablo Picasso”

History fascinates me, and stumbling across the odd bit of it here and there makes me reach for the camera and starting snapping away! If I could have a photographical museum I could fill it within a week and the quirky stories and tales of the things that are so local to me would be enough to keep many people entertained!

Today was again one of those days where the ‘Photo of the day’ didn’t really surface until quite late on. And when it did I was intrigued with the main focus of my photography! A Mandylion! The plaque captured will give a little more insight into what a Mandylion is but for a bit of background information I found the following…

“A Mandylion was the oldest known artefact ever discovered. It was a carving out of a mammoth tusk, of a mans body with a lions head, which is estimated to be 32000 years old. It was found in a cave near Ulm in Germany. Mandylions are the logo of an environmental conservative project based in the countryside near Romsey in Hampshire. Where they stand they mark tree planting and woodland conservation for the benefit of wildlife, acting to remind folk of the need to care for the environment rather than destroy it.” Source: http://mandylion.co.uk/id6.html

The Mandylions that are along the roadside from Romsey to Stockbridge are brightly coloured and not easy to miss. There are several. It’s nice to see a bit of ancient History alive in the trees.

After a quick visit to the local garden centre in Romsey and a wander through the Photography exhibition (which I refrained from buying anything!) the trip home was right on time to catch the evening sunset rolling in with the mist over the hills. And what’s a random photography trip without a venture to The Bunnies?

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