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“Earth Laughs in Flowers”
– Ralph Emerson –

Snowdrops are the hardest thing to capture on camera. They are so bright and the shape is so vague that you have to really angle to get them against a dark backdrop in order to bring out their real beauty. And even then I failed! However I thought that this afternoon I should make use of some of the Spring growth in the garden.

The snowdrops have been out since a few weeks now which is rather strange for this time of year. We also have crocuses pushing their way up – purple and yellow ones – which are starting to liven the garden a bit after a drab and grey winter.

But the most unusual occurence of all is the Blossom! It is starting to grow on the larger trees in the garden despite it not even being near the right time of year for it. I had to capture it with the camera today whilst the sun was making it look its best.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the garden has to offer in terms of photography opportunities this year. Coupled with the meadow I do think that I’ll manage to spend many a day cobbling together photos taken fairly locally!

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