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Many people go through their working day drinking copious amounts of tea or coffee – like their lives depend on it – but I don’t get the same urges. A nice pint of Robinsons Orange Squash is much preferable – whatever the weather! However working from home during the week occasionally means that I’m around my parents who are prone to popping the kettle on at the oddest moments. And to be honest it’s easy to say yes, when asked if I’d like a cup of tea or coffee and that steaming mug on the desk gives a warm homely feel. This afternoon lunch consisted of bits and pieces and afterwards I found some scones in the fridge. I didn’t partake in the eating of them! But instead I arranged them on a pretty patterned plate and in the middle of shooting my Dad chucked in an ornate teaspoon – et voila. Todays photo is complete!

I was initially trying to capture something else so I have an array of various photographs today which I won’t be sharing, in the hopes that I get another day out of them at a later point. I’m also working on a photo project which should see some local History unearthed with some intriguing tales for some of my future Photography days.

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