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Day Four: The Bunnies

My travels this morning took me to The Bunnies – or that is how the area is locally known. It’s a small lane that joins two adjacent roads which run to Stockbridge and is a place that I have enjoyed Photographing on many occasions before. However this morning I decided to enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet before getting the camera out and was fortunate enough to witness the Kingfisher flash across the river in a most fabulous streak of blue.

Unfortunately it wasn’t capture here! Today however, I learnt that Herons bark. I never expected them to make much noise before but as you can see in this image – a very slight shape near the left hand middle ground is a Heron making it’s way across the water. And it was barking. Loudly. It’s the most horrendous noise, one which you would not wish to hear in the dead of night on a dark country road!

Once again we had storms last night and the roads and surround area are littered with bits of tree and other random foliage. The road I travelled down is a bit rough at the best of times but today it was covered in mud and branches. The weather however, told a completely different story with a spot of warm sunshine and a brilliant blue sky.The area is owned by John Lewis and is fairly near to the Phonebox Library that I blogged about before. Longstock is well known for its fly fishing and this River (The River Test) is on a popular beat.

So although a place that I frequent many times on random Photography trips – it was nice to pop back today with the camera and  see the seasonal changes once again. And fulfill the challenge of Day Four!

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