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Todays Photographs were taken at the meadow, a piece of land that has been in the family for a couple of years now and is the common walking place for both the dogs.

Whilst it was quite wet, it was well worth the trek to see Star and Buddy (the dogs!) enjoying themselves on the water. Buddy, who has only been in the family since November, has fit in perfectly to rural life and is already testing the boundaries to see how far he can get into a neighboring field before somebody notices! Over the past few years I have taken countless photos of the meadow which can be found over at the Meadow Blog if anybody is interested. The blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but there are some interesting fox and otter videos on their way from the live cameras!

The weather today has been similar to that of fresh March Spring day – although it was rather quick to cloud over and become cold and grey! But nevertheless, it was easy to relax for an hour or so and enjoy the surroundings, especially with the opportunity to capture some early spring colours (and late Autumn ones!) on camera.

The past few days haven’t been as challenging with regards to the 365 Photography project, I’ve known in advance what I’ve wanted to capture on both occasions have been happy with the results. With a heavier work load this coming week and the early dark evenings it will be interesting to see what I manage to scrape together for the next seven days!


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