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“I don’t drink coffee; I take tea, my dear.”
ng, An Englishman in New York –

Tea. Can’t live without it can we? The English are famed for their tea drinking habits and so today I thought I would attempt some tea photographing antics. And I was quite pleased with the results even if I do say so myself.

I recently bought my Mother a version of her Rooibos teabags from a special expensive shop. (Farm shop outside of town) And the reason they were so special became apparent when I opened the box today. The teabags are in material bags – proper silky lined material bags! Teapigs, it seems, are a company that know just how to treat their customers. Before I go on though I must assure you that I’m not being paid for the product placement that will follow…

So upon discovering these rather fancy tea holders I then decided to get a bit more creative. Much to the chagrin of my Mother, who loves her tea bless her, I opened them up and made intricate patterns all over the kitchen side. Granite is so shiny!

So there we have it. Day Twenty Two – isn’t tea beautiful?And don’t forget to check out TeaPigs just because it’s so pretty and worth looking at for a long time! If you feel like it, share your preferred tea flavour at the bottom of this blog. I’m interested to know how people prefer it across the globe – and does it really matter if the milk goes in first?

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