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Surprisingly there wasn’t much info about the Church I found today, on the net and it looked as if it was locked up and deserted when I got there, so I can’t really write a whole rambling blog entry about it! I must admit though, I am curious as to its origins, everything about it is very much dated including the ways in which the gravestones are presented in the grounds.

I was struggling for inspiration this evening after a long day at work until I saw the sign for 12th Century Church. Whilst it’s adequately signed from the road, once you turn off onto the dead end lane into Knights Enham it’s basically a case of good luck as to whether you find it or not. Initially I snapped an underpass and a row of cottages, thinking I might have to bluff my way through this blog entry a bit!

After some exploration however, I found it nestled out the back of one of the lanes. There were a few potholes to endure before actually getting down there but once there, it was surprisingly pretty in it’s own ’12th century’ grand way.

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