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Today was cold – and I mean really cold! I started the morning with a huge mug of tea and a cooked breakfast which was an obvious requirement because it was so cold! Then I headed down to the meadow with my Dad and the dogs. He went to burn some of the branches that had fallen in the storms at the beginning of January and I went to sit and do nothing. It is the weekend after all!

But I did take the camera and the morning frost was absolutely beautiful as it began to melt. You can see the full album here if you are interested in viewing the other shots captured.

We also discovered a whole nest of voles once the wood started to get shifted. This little one didn’t escape fast enough and so I managed to get a few publicity shots before he went back underground!

Overall it was nice to get out in the fresh (but very cold) air for a few hours and spend a little more time over taking some shots. I was very pleased with the results too!

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