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I recently went on a mini road trip to Sandy Balls which is t’other side of Salisbury to where I live. I’m not 100% sure but a map will tell you. It’s not really worth the effort of finding out though. The Holiday Park itself was very drab, grey and wet. That might have had something to do with the weather! But it was only to deliver some pieces so I couldn’t let it bother me that much! However on the way down I was able to embark on some ‘Out the car window’ Photography. I realise that for many of you, this mind blowing way of taking pictures is novel – but I assure you it works. Working without a tripod is actually something I find a lot easier and have shot Weddings and portrait sessions without thinking twice about having to depend on a stick with three legs to get a steady shot. In a car it’s easier than you think, being able to use the door to steady a camera is handy! NB: I wasn’t the driver!

This fantastic Cathedral is, according to Wikipedia, one of the finest Medieval Cathedrals in Britain. Having spent a lot of my Summer college days sat in the grounds of the Cathedral with friends, I can testify that indeed it is a pretty fantastic building. The Chapter House at the Cathedral holds the best preserved copy of the Magna Carta which is what attracts many pilgrims over the years. At 404 ft the Cathedral has the tallest Church Spire in the whole of England. The building itself is considered one of the leading examples of Early English Architecture, taking only 38 years to complete. The first shot was taken from the car as we drove over the ‘flyover’ that passes past the Cathedral. It was a fluke shot which miraculously has no blur!

Further down the street – early blossoms (yes blossom!) give a bit of colour to the dark wintery day. Although that sentance in itself is a major contradiction. Our weather lately is dank and dark but there’s nothing wintery about the temperatures. It was really odd to see a tree in such colour at the end of December!

All in all it was quite a successful trip in terms of Photography. I was able to capture a few shots for the archive and learn a bit more about the Cathedral when I started digging around online afterwards. If you were born in Salisbury – I believe that you can get free entry into some things on production of your birth certificate! So be sure to head over, preferably with a camera, and see what you can capture sometime.

I have begun the 365 day Photography Challenge which involves taking a photo…a day…for 365 days. I will soon be updating with these but fear not – I’ll do it on a weekly basis to avoid spam.

Happy New Year!

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