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“Photography has little to do with the things you see – but everything to do with the way in which you see them.”
– Elliot Erwitt –

Elliott Erwitt was onto something when he uttered those words and after digging around a bit this afternoon I found a bit of inspiration that I initially thought was starting to die a little. Elliott Erwitt is still alive today, which helps of course – because words from Photographers that have long since passed do have an impact, but those that are living and breathing the art form as it is today know the battles that we as Photographers face, in a modern society. The battle to do better, always. To capture a shot that gains more enthusiasm and adoration than the last. Realistically it’s not always possible. I cannot sustain photography that I am proud of. Instead however, I choose to continue documenting over and over as I go, because you just never know.

During some of my free time I spend it over on deviantART as a volunteer for the Photography Gallery. I’ve been there for nearly eight years, and this coming year will be my second as a volunteer. Day after day I see people there who are teetering on the dangerous edge of giving up because they lack comments, feedback, favourites, views…and it saddens me. Hitting the jackpot with an image, drawing or piece of writing is amazing, I’ll be the first to admit that. But often what we, as the artist, think is good – is something that everybody else overlooks without thinking about it.

My captures today include mostly the Meadow, and one of my dogs – Buddy. He embarked on his first dual with water today, leaning in further than ever before whilst hanging over the edge of one of the meadow lakes. It was amusing, to say the least. His antics made for some rather funny photography and I spent a good amount of time snapping away without caring about camera settings, shot steadiness and positioning. It was refreshing.

The church from Day 19 - as seen from the meadow

Day Twenty is here, and with it comes the realisation that I’ve managed this challenge for almost three weeks. That’s amazing. For somebody who used to go out and shoot a bunch of photographs every week or so when it suited – the challenge has been tough to say the least. Twenty days since beginning and I already love the quaintness of my little village, the local community and the History that lies in the architecture and land around. I’ve not travelled more than 20 miles to get a photo…yet!



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