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“Curtsey while you’re thinking what to say. It saves time.”
― Lewis Carroll

Almost two years ago now, I became the Abstract & Surreal Volunteer on deviantART. Back then we were gallery moderators – now we’re known as Community Volunteers. Thus I began to immerse myself in the Abstract & Surreal Photography world and was quite inspired by the work of Dali. Nowadays, I’m a General Photography Volunteer, which covers a wider plethora of galleries. But the point to all this babbling is that I unearthed on of my props today, from the olden days!

It’s from back when clocks on necklaces became quite fashionable, and I shocked the woman in a jewellery shop by buying one and telling her I was going to immerse it in water for some artistic photos. It was pristine then, but two years of water damage (captured inside the clock part) have changed it quite dramatically. So I decided to revisit, and shoot it on dry land!

It’s decidely moody that’s for sure. I think I might like it even better now. It’s never the type of jewellery I would personally wear – but for the sakes of Photography it’s spot on!

In creativity terms – today’s photos are probably quite high up. But in terms of effort – it was very low. I simply propped it outside on the wall with sufficient moss surrounding for the darker tones, and shot away. For a couple more I tied the necklace part to a curtain poll inside the house, and used the curtains as a soft backdrop. Effortless!

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