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“They were involved in that awkward procedure of getting to unknow each other.”
― John Irving,

You know that awkward dating process – the one you see in movies? Where the couple circle, somebody has to make the first move, ask the other person first on a date, even give the first tiny little kiss? Well I think I photographed that today, only it was with flowers instead of people! Do you think I’m crazy? It’s a possibility, but here we go – take a look and see if you might agree…

I’m awful for not knowing the real names of flowers – I don’t think I like to. The anonymity of those that grow in the garden is actually quite nice really. I like to personalise the things I photograph. Rocks have emotions to you know.

Which brings me on to my next musing of the day (it has been a really busy day I swear.) How do we ‘Unknow’ somebody? You might spend your whole life getting to know a person, or, in the case of a child you may spend the whole of their life getting to know them, and yet when ties are cut and somebody wanders away forever – how do you unknow everything you’ve learned? Everything you’ve been told and everything you’ve gotten around to almost taking for granted?

It’s a tricky process, this philosophy business. Some years ago I took a counseling certification at a local adult learning college. I love learning, I haven’t yet stopped being in the midst of my degree, but this was sort of an extra bit of learning – a bit of growing too. I remember being immensely frustrated and insanely bitter at being told I was too young to undertake the full degree. Roll on twenty five I say. Anyway, I digress. We were given a passage of words exploring Reason, Season or Lifetime.

It starts off with the line “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” It sounds mushy I know, and ordinarily I wouldn’t fall for fluffy lingo. But for some reason, on that particular passage of writing, that excerpt even, I could. Strange what you can associate with if you can relate. The saying goes that those who come into your life for a reason are there because you need them. Makes sense doesn’t it? Those who come in just for a short period of time are there for a season. I think it could more likely be renamed as a holiday. Finally, there are some (and these are few and far between) that are there for a lifetime.

Which one of those are you? It’s hard to pick just one, because you can’t analyze yourself without applying it to a specific person. You might not think any of them apply. You might just believe pure and simple that you’re in Mrs Brown at Number 145’s life because you’re her next door neighbor and that’s damn well it. Fair enough, it doesn’t click for everybody, but it’s cute to think about. Do you surround yourself with people that are there for a reason, a season…or a lifetime?



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