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“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
― Oscar Wilde

Sunsets, River Huts and Bracelets make up most of the photos in the blog today. On Friday evening, William and I ventured out before the sun went down completely and grabbed a couple of shots here and there in the villages. It was peaceful!

54321The weekend was spent relaxing, mostly, after a spot of Birthday shopping for my sisters presents. I embarked on a new hobby – jewellery making! I’m not entirely sure how it will turn out in the long run, but if anyone fancies a bracelet (custom made) and the photo to go with it (Ha!) then just let me know! Right now, the colours and theme are inspired by seasons. Below is Summer and Autumn!



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Today I spent most of my working day providing support to one of my clients whilst also attending Choices Hire Services open day! It gave me the chance to get some fantastic shots (even if I do say so myself) whilst I was working. So a great all rounder day really!


The open day was really well attended. People came from quite far to see the set up, eat cake, drink coffee and generally just mill around. Lots of people liked the cake! The themeing, vintage set up, black jack set up and everything else looked very amazing too.


We had a spare few moments to build a team photo, literally. They used a warehouse ladder to create the effect, and actually, until a tractor came along and everyone got off pretty quick, it worked out fairly well!



Choices Team

And the weather didn’t disappoint! By the time the carnival prince and princess arrived, the sun was high in the sky and although it was cold, it was beautiful. Everything came together nicely and a wonderful day was had by all! Check out http://choiceshire.com to find out what it was all about!



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