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“There were happy days, with watermelon, and sad days of whiskey.”
― Lewis Nordan

Where there is a planned, carefully constructed photoshoot – there is also a dog with his own agenda for getting on camera! Buddy decided to help me this afternoon with my blog photos, which really meant sniffing around the watermelon I was shooting outside until I paid him enough attention for him to create his own antics.

Therefore when initially this blog was supposed to be about fruit and summer and all things refreshing – it’s actually mostly about Buddy. When you see his face you’ll realise why I couldn’t resist him!

I didn’t actually know how harmful watermelon is to dogs, I do know that holding it like this will cause Buddy no problems whatosever! He eats worse things on a day to day basis. However a vet said that really it’s fine, and even refreshing in the summer.

Buddy also did some angry moody poses next to his dinner bowl (see above) which was supposed to give me the hint that he was hungry and wanted his food. However somehow, I didn’t interpret it properly and instead just took more pictures! Oh Well.

Even though I set out for some still life photography with the fruit, I’m quite pleased that Buddy joined in and demanded attention, because he does look rather fetching in the sunglasses!

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