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“She talks as she sails, the old wooden boat — of oyster days, and summer bays, and watermen grown old.” ― M. Kei

The weather has gone from the extreme amounts of rain, wind and grey dreariness to incredible heat, blue skies and scorched looking fields. Driving to the office this morning I was amazed at the hue that the cornfields had suddenly taken on, obviously having turned in colour over the weekend with the warm weather we have had. I wanted to capture it, and so late this afternoon I ventured out with the camera to see what I could snap.

Since we’re talking extremes, I visited the back of Middle Wallop Airfield which used to be home to a beautiful barn – very picturesque in the Autumn. Last season I ventured back for photos to see the Barn had been pulled down, much to my disappointment. Over the months I’ve watched a house spring up in its place and today, it’s nearing completion. So here’s something for a bit of contrast!

Definitely a change to the landscape – however I’m happy the trees are still there at least! The Barn in itself was quirky though, as you’ll see in the bottom shot, it curved rather than followed a straight architectural line! Then there were the cornfields. Beautiful golds waving in the breeze. There are a few things that make Summer unique from all other seasons. One of them I heard whilst typing out this blog – the sound of water hitting the bottom of a plastic watering can. You know the sound? It sounds odd yes – but it’s a mark of Summer! Then there are the lawnmowers after 5pm when you just know that most people are home from work and making the most of it. Finally there’s the smell. Summer has it’s own smell, especially poignant when you’re driving fast along a motorway and it mingles with tarmac. Heat.

That’s pretty much it for today. The flower and nature blog entries are becoming vastly popular – I’m hoping I can sway some of my followers around to enjoying the landscapes and cornfields too…!

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