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“The love that moves the sun and the other stars.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

I had to do it again – the Cornfields. They just wanted to be photographed and I gave in to the calling. However just to make it clear, this is a different cornfield, different landscape and different area! Also a different time of day, and a different temperature! (31.5 degrees celcius!)

The weather is blissful, and I have been making the most of it when I’m not in meetings or driving from location to location. (Which is generally fun but stuck in traffic in 30 degree heat saving the air con for emergencies – is just not so fun!) I’m glad it’s not raining. I must add that.

So I spotted a beautiful cornfield from the main road but realised there was absolutely no way of stopping and snapping it. So eventually I headed across and around the back (ouchie fields with prickly bits!) to find it was quite accessible and not at all awkward to shoot at.

The road off of the fields was single track (sort of a lane) with barely anything coming down it. However when a car did drive down and noticed me lying in a cornfield, things got weird. But you know, there is a certain price to pay for being a photographer – and an even bigger price to pay for taking on this 365 blogging lark!

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