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“Rarely do things break twice in the same place.”

  ~Kathryn Dawson

I’m feeling philosophical today and my mood reflects in my Photography. It often happens, if I’ve got time to contemplate what I am going to photograph, that I link an image to a piece of writing. Or even vice versa. I think I’ve done a sort of combination of the two today. Be patient – normal service will resume tomorrow perhaps. Besides, at least I’ve stopped talking about the rain.

The balance between brain, body and soul is as delicate and comprehensive as a spiders web. A spider, however, can achieve that balance and harmony in the space of as little as an hour. It takes some of us more than  lifetime to get halfway there.

So very often I under appreciate nature and the sights around us. On no where near enough occasions do I actually look properly at what’s inside or what’s actually right there in front of me.

If I had done, I imagine I could have filled 365 days with unique photographs purely of things found in the garden. It’s inspirational, and there is much there that’s beyond a generic casual glance. I quite enjoyed getting lost for a few minutes with the macro lens. I’m a firm believer in the quote that accompanies my blog homepage and urge those looking for photographic inspiration to look outside the box and beyond the ordinary boundaries.

“Vision is the Art of seeing the invisible”
– Jonathon Swift

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