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“Time is the longest distance between two places.” ― Tennessee Williams

I lost a few hours on the meadow this afternoon and it was pretty much perfect. I didn’t make too much of an effort with photographs despite loading the car with the tripod and other various bits and pieces. However just wandering around, avoiding Buddy pouncing from bushes and enjoying the atmosphere was enough.

The Farmfest pictures from last night have also been uploaded and can be viewed on my website right here. If you had a normal Saturday night and want to jealousy gaze at a lovely farm festival setting for a few minutes then clicking the link will complete your day!

Dare I say it? Summer might well be here. We have had so much rain, and so many complaints that it’s hard to remember the one or two warm day when we get them. But we are getting them! The temperature topped 24 degrees C – which is perfect!

Enjoy the meadow – a little bit of tranquility amongst what has been quite a busy and eventful week! It was nice to sit back, relax and turn my mind off (almost) for a little while.

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