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“The night is a strawberry.”
― Louise Penny

There are twenty one days until Autumn officially begins but I’m going to jump the gun and term these Autumn Strawberries because it’s really cold outside and they’ve survived in the face of diverse weather!

When I was younger, I remember helping my Nana check on her strawberries which were molly coddled, blanketed, cared for and mothered by her throughout the duration of their lives. She probably even over-fussed them a little.

However these little strawberries grew in our garden all by themselves. Sure, they’re not the same as those juicy huge ones that you find in the shops – but neither were the ones that my Nana nurtured and grew in a bubble environment.

Therefore it was quite pleasing to see that they’d made it, against the odds. They had planted themselves, grown themselves and hidden themselves somehow, from the birds. Probably because they taste really awful…

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“He was the toast to her butter.”
― Nicholas Sparks

These past few days have been busy and it’s probably shown in my blog writing and picture taking skills! I’ve cut down dramatically on the time I’m able to spend finding a decent shot and have reverted back to old ways – shooting with what I have!

Toast! I hijacked the toaster this morning with the camera and snapped away quickly before I had to start work. It’s not the best solution but it’s another picture and another day – and already we’re moving into September which means only four months left to go!

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