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“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”
― Jonathan Swift

I actually shot today’s subject early yesterday afternoon. But I had already blogged by then and couldn’t share the amazing scene that I had found. Luck was obviously on my side, as this morning it was practically unchanged and I managed to take another series of shots – therefore still in keeping with the 365 challenge!

I’m really enjoying the macro lens – I’ve had it for some years now and never properly tried it out. Of course, I’m not using a tripod so my shots could be a lot steadier if I was, but I like the results I am getting all things considered.

The Cobweb, so fragile and so thin, held what looked to be quite an amount of heavy raindrops. Cobwebs always baffle me in that respect, so fragile yet so strong. They are extremely beautiful to photograph when you catch them at the right moments.

I used an Orange Filter to get a different hue/glow in the shot, and that seemed to work out quite well too. Then I unearthed the huge spider that had made the web. That was the end of that photography session!

Below are some of the shots taken yesterday afternoon with the macro lens…

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