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I have been incredibly overwhelmed since yesterday and appearing on the wordpress front page as ‘Freshly Pressed.’ The comments, likes and follows have been pouring in. So for that reason – and because the sunset last night was amazing – I’ve broken my normal routine of a blog a day to say Thank You and share some extra images! Most people who know me well, know that I cannot resist a sunset. On my computer, I have over 1,000 sunset captures. Considering I’ve only been into photography for a few years – you can imagine how many evenings I’ve spent snapping away at the amazing colours and hues.

After all of the complaining I did about the rain (which ironically became so popular!) the skies cleared for the duration of about an hour last night and yielded a wonderful ripple of clouds coupled with a lovely golden hue – tinged with pink. Well anyway, you can see for yourselves but the pictures never ever do the true sunset complete justice. I take most of my sunsets hanging out of a window upstairs in our house. We live on the side of a Valley and so when the sun goes down, heading up to the spare room and dangling my camera out of the skylight whilst perched precariously on a chair – pays off!

I was actually working on my computer last night when this happened. Being so keen to capture sunsets is often a huge irritation – yes really! I had lots to do last night and even closed my blinds (which is unusual because I love the early blues of the dark in the evening) to ignore the colours that were creeping over the house. Then the dogs barked to be let out and I went outside and…downward spiral. So there we go – thank you, welcome to all of my new followers (so many!!!!) and if you’re interested in my general sunsets gallery then head over to my website

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