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“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop”
― Lewis Carroll,

I decided to spend my Saturday morning heading down to the New Forest with my Father. He had a bit of work to do, and the New Forest is always fairly good for pictures. However I don’t think I actually took any whilst down there!

I managed to catch the barn cat on the farm this morning, he insisted on coming into the warehouse and had to be picked up and removed. But afterwards I caught him sun-bathing. So there was that to photograph. But on the way to and from the New Forest, the road just seemed to be full of traffic. The good weather driving people to the beaches I suppose. But it also meant a lot of accidents, diversions and queues!

They luckily didn’t seem too serious though, which was good. And then there were horses, lots of horses! Quite a major road was queued up because of the horse and cart below chugging along. It was amusing to see!

Then we happened upon a white field – completely white. No idea what the flowers are as I’ve never seen a field like it before! If anyone could enlighten me I would be grateful…

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“Sing loud for the sunshine. Pray hard for the rain.”
― Led Zeppelin

The days are going by at remarkable speed now – which never usually happens when you’re counting them down to go on holiday – but in this case it is! My blogs are less wordy, and less photo focused, I am still taking photos everyday and sharing them with you – but less time is going into it simply because I’m getting organized and ploughing ahead with the work I need to get done before I can have five glorious days off!

The five days off will be worth it – especially photographically wise. I plan to drag my friends around all the fantastic sights to see on holiday, and take lots of pictures! Sea, Sea and more Sea! On the downside it will be five days without Buddy as a fall back should it rain. But the long range forecasts are prospective – so fingers crossed!

I was coming in the gate at the side of the house today, after work, and the sun was shining down on some very green leaves covered in raindrops. The shape of the leaves and the sparkle of the sun combined to make one thought – Summer Christmas Trees!

With a little bit of purple flower just to contribute two of my favourite colours to the blog! I’m still getting to grips with the new camera – I’m no longer shooting in RAW and despite applying the settings, it will only take JPEG. So there’s little room for manipulation after an image is taken – which is actually suiting me fine. I’m learning to accept my photos as they are – and wow the noise reduction definitely makes a huge difference.

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