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“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”
― Tyra Banks

I haven’t been all that well today with hay fever making a horrible appearance. I gave in and succumbed to a repeat prescription of stronger hay fever meds in the end. However I did manage some photos and indeed they were taken in the garden. If you can’t beat them – join them! This time I went out armed with a brand new investment. Every creative photographer needs one, and it only cost me £1. Squeezy water spray bottles are in most supermarkets and DIY sort of stores.

It has been raining on and off for some months now. It’s quite rare that there is a day of complete sunshine, yesterday looked like it would break the record but then the rain came after the sunset! But sods law means that when you need the rain (and I needed it for photo-graphical purposes) it’s just not there. So yes, the squeezy water spray bottle thing comes in handy. I just needed more hands and it would have been perfect.

In the past short while, daisies in the garden have started to make an appearance. Not the type in the lawn, but the actual plant. It has a proper name I’m sure and somebody will likely enlighten me! So I focused on those with a little artificial rain for effect. I like the result. Then I got creative with a quote – I don’t usually write on my photos but I had the sudden urge to do so today!

As I was figuring out which day we’re on, I realised that I’m now over halfway through this challenge! It’s quite incredible to have got this far. Apart from when I went on holiday (which was beyond my control due to lack of signal) I have blogged every single day since starting. Inclusive of holiday I have photographed every single day. The temptation for some is to use old photos, or skip days – but I’ve been driven to create something new each time, and that astounds the hell out of me!

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