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“If they cannot have bread, let them have cake!”
― Marie Antoinette

Finally! Today’s subject has been something I’ve been meaning to photograph for a while. I’ve seen a lot of still life photography shots of Macaroons. No I’m not crazy! I can’t pinpoint exactly who inspired me to do them myself, but I think a lot of people are responsible. Usually the macaroons are much more brightly colored – the ones I happened across are a bit more of a pastel hue. But that’s fine – Macaroons are glorious regardless!

These particular ones cost £6.99 for seven. That’s right. Ridiculous pricing. Especially considering I am not actually going to eat them. They do come in a rather nice box though, but still, I can’t let that even begin to make up for the horrific pricing!

I then started getting a bit creative with a backdrop. Here I used a scarf (above) as the setting for the macaroons. But I decided I needed raindrops! Queue the awesome squirty bottle and a kitchen window. Oh and some recipe books to get the macaroons high enough for effect!

I also used a tea towel for the base, because cookery books weren’t exactly the best being dark & dusty and not promotional of good lighting! Oh and a tripod! This definitely required a tripod, I’m not even sure why since usually I manage without, but it was good to get used to it again!

You know, I actually thought these would be easy to shoot, but it’s just not the case. I think the pastel colours aren’t the same as the bold popular shots, and therefore the effect required was a bit of a washout. Even so, it was nice to spend 15 minutes working on photography and having sort of okay results!


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