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“Who Will Stop The Rain?”
– John Fogerty –

We’re on our fourth day of non-stop rain now. There really is no break at all, it’s either pouring or drizzling! It doesn’t bode well for adventuring on Holiday tomorrow although I have searched at least seven forecasts now, and found one that’s favorable so I think I’ll stick with that…

There’s really only one thing to do when it rains. Blog about it (because I’m English) and take the macro lens outside whilst wearing pyjamas and no shoes, and lie in the flowerbed photographing flowers.

Tomorrow will hopefully be completely different – sun, sea and fluffy white clouds! Or at least that’s what we wish for. But there will definitely be some seascapes here and there and the odd historical sight that’s a given. But do be patient because the blogs will likely be quite sporadic! I’m taking internet with me (yes you can do that in a little dongly wongly!) but might have to build up my photos across two days. We shall see!

So for now, that’s it from me! Rest assured I will be taking more than one photo a day across the next five or so days – see you on the other side!

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