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“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

The typical English weather is back – and I know I nearly always mention weather and more likely rain in my blog entries, but it is becoming a way of life! Today on my travels we dropped from temperatures of around 20 to temperatures of around 11 in the space of just a few minutes and a few miles. Admittedly the car was parked in the sun and then it was rained on, but still! However the weather made for some intriguing captures.

I’ve written about Combe Gibbet before and some of these shots were taken up there at Gallows Down but the majority were just a few miles away at the foot of the majestic hills. It was peaceful, the odd cyclist seemingly off track from the tour de France and a few cars trundled through during the hour and a bit we were snapping but it was generally quite quiet and calm.

The weather offered us a bit of everything – well, almost everything. There was sunshine, clouds, rain and then when we began to pack up the photography equipment and move on – thunder echoed through the hills. It was atmospheric though, and meant fantastic clouds were in abundance!

The weekend has been a breath of fresh air, with perfect company and almost perfect weather. I’m ending catching up on some law reading with the Olympics on in the background. With permission from William (who has been teaching me the technical side of photography) I am sharing his rather moody shot from the day too.

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