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Day Forty: Swan Lake

β€œTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde ―

I was up extra early this morning to get my work done so that I could get out in the snow briefly. I get really excited when it snows – I guess because it means a potentially different world through the camera view finder! I was up – but not quite before the birds. Right outside the back door where the snow hadn’t quite settled were some very distinct prints…

Buddy raced out into the garden but not before Star showed him the way. He seemed cautious of this much deeper and wider spread snow – very different to last weekends fall. He couldn’t resist licking it up again and burnt a few holes in the garden through the snowfall. It was quite cute – until we realised he was burying deep for the bird seed underneath!

Although the snowfall was significant, people who would have given up and stayed indoors last year were digging their driveways out and soldiering on. Snow isn’t as much of a novelty to us as it was a year ago. The roads were fantastic – for once, which really helped with getting around. The dustbin lorry climbed the hill too – so services were running smoothly. Although we did have to divert into the countryside to avoid the queue behind it…I definitely didn’t complain!

We went to the small village which housed the Telephone Box Library which was my Day One blog post. It seemed a fantastic landmark heading back there today – forty days after beginning the photography challenge. I must also apologise to those who followed right from the start when I promised not to spam you with daily blogs – a photo a day is turning into 20+ and I’m definitely writing a blog a day (but not more I promise!)

Then we headed off for a well earned breakfast – which is what I used to bribe my parents to take me out in their car for the photos. The ground was thick with heavy snow but by the time it hit eleven am it was good enough to drive on. Afterwards we took the dogs down to the meadow – which was absolutely beautiful…

We took a small detour back home which took us past the frozen lake I photographed a few days ago. This time a young swan was perched on it – atop the ice whilst its parents stood on the bank watching in what can only be described as swan dismay…

Then we stopped by the Church opposite – which was pretty and rather well placed when the blue sky broke through. I also managed to get a shot of my favourite local place to photograph – the driveway leading up to a beautiful estate house just tucked away nicely in the countryside.

The wintery driveway usually looks very full and quite often Autumnal – like this…

There were other shots – so many! I really enjoyed taking them and ended up with around 700 all told. I had to root through them all this afternoon to pick out the ones that were a little different. But I have inserted this nifty slideshow below…enjoy!

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