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“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”
― Markus Zusak ―

The snow came – and boy did it snow! We had swirling huge flakes of it for a good many hours last night. However today the sun has come out and the great thaw has begun with most of it becoming slush. That didn’t stop me from getting out and about and grabbing some shots though!

We think it must have been Buddy’s first experience with snow today because he was going quite crazy in the garden when he discovered it. His paws started to freeze up quite quickly so he thought that bunny kicking his way around would solve the problem. It made for some amusing shots but due to the blur I didn’t really get anything of high quality. I have however made my facebook album public if anyone would like a giggle click here.(I believe you need to be logged in to see.)

The lake down by the village church was completely frozen over. Although it looks solid however it was quite a mushy freeze! Down in the villages the rivers were topped with ice which was quite strange to see as well. The roads all in all were pretty clear and since I was being chauffered in a 4 x 4 we had no trouble.

The temperature has risen to be +2 at least this morning which makes a change from the sharp cold days that we’ve been experiencing. There’s no more snow forecast for us but cold weather again later in the week. This will hopefully give the chance for more frosty pictures!

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