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Day Forty Three: Sunsets & Trees

β€œThe first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color — oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples…”
― Anna Godbersen ―

I was planning an entirely different project all day today – for my blog post. I say all day but I was actually working! But my work took me through quaint villages and small towns, and I was snapping away at this particular plan I had. However just as I got home the sunset happened. And blew all that out the water! I’m saving the plan for another day though…

There’s a specific tree on a specific ridge that I like to capture in all sorts of weather…

I took this today although I have many others of this actual tree! I love it but I dislike the powerlines that surround it – of which you will see none as it’s about the only editing I do to my shots. I cloned them all out and smoothed the sky over to make it natural again. Now you know all my secrets!

Just as my battery was about to give up the ghost (I shot all these with my point and shoot cybershot rather than the D-SLR) I snuck in this one, which is an odd angle and I’m not even sure why – but shows the extent of the cloud patterns and colours! And finally…more tree…

I thought the quote was rather fitting as it is Valentines Day Tomorrow. I shall be celebrating by sharing my intelligence with the local pub at the quiz. Or lack of it. Myself and a friend haven’t been for a couple of weeks so hopefully they have forgotten our most appalling score ever that was achieved recently…Tomorrow I’m aiming to have a theme and attempt some photography with semi-expensive jewellery and tonic water. Stay tuned!

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