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“He had the appearance of one who has searched for the leak in life’s gas-pipe with a lighted candle.”

– P.G.Wodehouse –

It took me a long time to find the perfect scented candle. I spent note after note trying out yankee candles – the most expensive kind – over the years and still never matched it. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I hoped to find in the scent of a candle but it was holidays and random drives with the windows wound down.  I was searching for that scent of Summer – but not too fresh. Something that hinted at Winter (but not too cold) and ultimately something that could tinge a room with plenty of light and warmth but only a hint of a scent. After spending all those notes and burning through all those jars – I found a pack of them for £2.99 at The Range. Sods Law isn’t it.

After a tough day though, I find candles really relaxing and in a strange way I’d much rather have a room lit by candlelight than overhead man-made lighting. I used to collect candles as if there was a national shortage. I used to hoard them in a bag that smelt absolutely delicious because it was full of all the different scents – and on Fridays I would go mad and get them out! That’s quite often what my Friday nights consist of, not being your stereotypical twenty something year old.

It has been one of those weeks – or ends to the week – where the world just goes crazy. Usually I finish work early on a Friday if I’ve nothing scheduled in to take back half an hour or so from doing overtime in the week. So I booked myself in for a haircut with the intentions of being able to relax (although who ever does because I hate staring at myself in the mirror for an hour!). When I got there after attending a meeting some 30 miles away, my Blackberry had gone mad with work emails so I spent my time until around 17:30 responding to them. This week has been one step forward and two million steps backwards – I’m not exaggerating! The weekend will hopefully bring some new photography experiences where I won’t have to resort to last minute shooting of candles in order to achieve a shot of the day…

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