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“Vision is the Art of seeing the invisible.”
― Jonathon Swift ―

Of all the quotes I’ve found lately, this one has inspired me the most. It came out of a fortune cookie that I had just before New Year 2012 and it reminded me of my perception of vision – especially when out taking photographs. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to shoot today but I did know that I wanted to play around with the reflections through glass that I have focused on a little this w I have my Father to thank for being patient with the marble and holding it in various sunny positions in order for me to capture it today! Apart from one image that I managed to take myself holding it flat in the palm of my hand – I don’t recommend this. The sun hit the glass and burned a small scar into my palm!!

So today I went with my Father to The Meadow – a piece of land that my parents own just around the corner from where we live. It’s a beautiful place, one I’ve blogged about before and I was certain that I’d get the reflections and images that I wanted with the vibrant blue sky and brilliant sunshine making an appearance. We took the dogs too – Star is getting older by the day now and finds it more and more difficult to get in the car to go places. The other day we took her to the vet and were told that she’s probably stressed or anxious in her old age which has resulted in her gnawing her back leg. So much so that she’s loosing fur there. We have a remedy though! Would you believe it anxiety in dogs is quite common and we’ve got a plug in infuser next to her bed to try and emit calming hormones. I’m going to set up camp next to it…

As well as using the giant marble to capture the day, the reflections in the lakes were just gorgeous. Crisp, vibrant and a perfect (almost!) mirror of the sky and views above. This is where the quote comes in – Vision IS the art of seeing the invisible. Without truly seeing things, we ignore and miss so much in everyday life. I’ve taken to trying to capture perspective above and below to make a change from everything that is around eye level. I’m forever letting my eyes roam (just for a second!) whilst driving to catch a glimpse of the deer in the fields or buzzards and kites waiting at the side of the roads. Most noticeably lately has been sunsets and astonishing views – but in the rear view or wing mirrors of my car. It’s often not until I’ve driven past something that I truly notice how beautiful it is.

It’s Day Fifty Five today and I never thought I would get this far with the challenge. For a year from January 2011 I kept a blog of my thoughts and feelings, quite often delving into my history to write bits and pieces about what makes me the person that I am today. It was part of a 21 things challenge that I set myself from the year I turned 21 years old ( 2010 .) I probably blogged once or twice a month sometimes more if I felt like it so this has been a real change and somewhat of a challenge for me to continuously find things to blog and write about. I really do enjoy it though and finding an image or two (okay yes maybe more!) each day is actually quite fun. I’ve been watching several other blogs of this nature too and really enjoy what other people come up with.

Some days ago – maybe a week or so – I managed to capture the Kingfisher in the last of the snow and ice on the meadow. He was perched on the branch that reaches out to the middle of this small stream. What a difference a few weeks makes weather-wise! Today it was so vibrant and fresh, sunglasses were a must and jackets weren’t needed at all. We’re hoping that as Spring comes the Kingfishers will nest once more in the roots of an upturned tree just to the left here. This will – fingers crossed – mean that I can set up a Hide on the banks and hopefully capture some more revealing shots! Without disturbing the birds and their babies of course.

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