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“It’s no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favorite films wouldn’t even speak to each other if they met at a party.”
― Nick Hornby ―

Although that’s a rather conclusive statement to make – Nick Hornby does have a point doesn’t he! Music blossoms many a friendship and indeed many a disagreement but for the most part it brings people together with a common ground. Today I photographed my Mother’s record collection which she is passing on to her brother – my Uncle.

Although these aren’t the records of my youth I was brought up on many of the types of music that she was into and even today I prefer a lot of the seventies and eighties music to the bits that are floating around now. When I was younger the world was just making the official transition between cassettes and CDs – records didn’t even get a look in!

When I became a teenager there were the normal addictions to Britney and Shakira – a little of the spice girls and much of Take That. I’m just young enough to remember when Take That were ending their time together – the first time! However I also listened to 10CC, The Electric Light Orchestra and Showaddywaddy thanks to my parents.

I absolutely love the soundtrack for War of the Worlds because for around a year we listened to it as part of quiet time during school. A few years ago my parents took me to see the live stage production which was just breath-taking and amazing. I grew up singing Les Miserables and music from The Sound of Music. By the time I was 14 I knew all the pieces from Oliver.

I had very much a mixed musical upbringing as alongside all of that I was playing the Piano. As I got older I could play Elton John but follow it up immediately with Beethoven.

Today I like the catchy music and quirky lyrics. I go for artists such as Lana Del Ray, Miranda Lee Richards, Sara Lov and Ellie Goulding. But if you were to browse my ipod it would more than likely have music you’ve never heard of. Amos Lee anyone?

Star has quite a liking for Billy Joel’s music – and I don’t blame her one bit!

Amongst all that though is a slight liking for the gothic style of music purely because I am related to Andrew Eldritch – who is known as the Godfather Of Goth because of his former band – The Sisters of Mercy.

The covers of records have an authentic feel about them – more so than the covers we see on Albums and Singles these days. A record is a picture,  a big on! And staring at it is almost as good as listening to the music. Plus it’s amazing to see how people have changed…just look at Elton John!

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