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β€œThe snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.”
― E.E. Cummings ―

Today I really got into the frosty photography that last nights weather left for us this morning. It was -7.5 celcius on the car thermometer this morning when I went out at 9:33 am and the temperature hasn’t risen above -2 celcius for us today. Chilly indeed! I went out with my Father and the dogs to the meadow and took hundreds of pictures – some that I’m really pleased with. So this blog will once again be very image heavy – but you don’t mind really I’m sure!

After wandering around the meadow for a bit my Father spotted the Kingfisher perched on a branch overhanging one of the small streams. Last year and the year before the Kingfishers have nested on the meadow and we’ve caught bright blue glimpses of them on occasion but we’ve never had the chance to really capture them. With five steps forward after every shot I managed to get fairly close until he was spooked and took off in the most brilliant flash of blue. The first Panorama shows him out on the perch and there are a few close ups too…

I’m so proud!! It’s insane really to be this proud of a blurred far away photo but you have no idea how hard it is to take shots of these things in the UK. They are incredibly rare at least around these parts and with cold shaky hands, no tripod, and 300mm telephoto lens from some many feet away this is actually quite promising! I’ve kept the URL link in there so if anyone wants a closer look feel free to click away.

There he is! A little bright blue bundle of fluff amongst the cold frosty morning. I explored further with the camera once he had flitted off and managed to capture some moody frosty shots too. It was really cold, probably the coldest I’ve ever felt whilst out on a walk and my fingers were starting to tingle. Because I don’t wear gloves – stupidly!

For an hour or so, it was a fairly successful photography ‘shoot’ and I am really pleased with the results. I was more pleased with the cup of coffee I got to drink whilst writing this blog afterwards though! It was much needed. We’ve not seen any snow yet but we are forecast a heavy snowfall this evening which is predicted to be washed away by the morning and replaced with a sheet of lethal ice. Who knows what the weather will bring – but the gritters are hard at work on the roads. They’ve been through twice this morning!

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