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“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.”

– John Keats –

Getting back into the swing of things was easy today, usually after the weekend it’s a slow start with many people who are supposed to respond to phonecalls and emails citing Monday as a day impossible to do any of these things by…Well today it was quite the opposite! But given that the day was busy and fast paced, there was little time to even consider sneaking in a random photo here or there. When I got home I raided the fridge to get to days photographs…

So I ended up making a Fruit Salad for dinner tonight and raided the fridge for all things…fruity. It’s difficult for me to get excited about fruit salad these days because I can’t eat most of the things that go into it. I have a latex allergy – and the protein present in latex is also found in fruit and other foods. It’s surprising just how much really. Bananas and Kiwi restrict my breathing if I eat them, causing coughing and sore throats and pineapple and sometimes other fruits cause rashes and itches. It’s not fun! Regardless though, I’m not prejudice over what I Photograph – thankfully.

I improvised a little with the backdrop, using a chopping board to try and create a white background of sorts. It almost worked! I’m also getting ready for a second photo-shoot for work tomorrow – again ‘of sorts.’ My images taken a week or so ago for the advertising banners at job fayres went down really well so a second banner is being created. That means a trip out to photograph a completely different client in the hopes that the shot will be suitable. Fingers Crossed!

Although the ‘summery’ weather didn’t continue into the week, it still feels quite warm. Fruit Salad to me is one of the staple meals of Summer – especially with a splodge of vanilla ice cream! I can just smell the BBQ’s now…

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