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“I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult. ”
-Rita Rudner –

Firstly, no poodles were intentionally insulted in the making of this blog entry! Nor is it about poodles, coincidentally. Buddy had a friend round to play today, and it would have been completely silly to waste the opportunity of capturing them at their antics on camera. Star spent most of her time tucked away in her bed, her eyes flitting backwards and forwards as they made their way across the sitting room – dancing their strange ‘I love you/hate you’ doggy dance. Eventually it was almost impossible to work so we headed outside for a ten minute respite and for me to grab some shots. Oddly enough the dogs never made a noise, never growled or barked at each other – but the sounds of them playing were very distracting! Go figure…

Buddy decided that the only way to put Tegan in her place was to eventually make her roll over with her legs in the air – and then sit on her face. It worked for a while. Tegan realised that the only way she was truly ever going to reach up to Buddy’s chin to nip him would be to roll over and wait – and that worked too for a while! But between the sitting and the nipping, both dogs soon got quite exhausted. The went through periods of play…and periods of quiet where they sat on the steps and stared at the camera…

Tegan did some posing all by herself – you’ll see in the Pano at the top that we attempted this but Buddy stuck his nose in the camera view finder. But eventually we managed some Tegan time and I was able to capture her lovely face!

By the end of the epic play session though, Tegan was keen to make up with Buddy. But Buddy stood his ground – “I’ll do anything…(but I won’t do that!)”

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